On being stuck

Many of us have gone through this stage and it’s not a good place to stay. Most of us lingers too much in this place and it’s holding us back to what we would want to achieve or do for ourselves or even for the day. i like writing. i like reading. but most of this, i cannot do now. i should focus myself on more important things like doing work. I’m working in the corporate world and it’s one hell of a race. everything is fast-paced. everything seems to pass you by without you noticing. i feel left out of this world. every one of us can manage to go on with the flow and live to whatever promises of the corporate world can give but for some it’s one that slaps you in the face. Realizations happen during or after such intervention: i don’t want to do this all my life or this is not the life i wanted to live. It’s getting stuck to where you are now with that kind of feeling that makes us think- where should i be now if i had done what i love or want to do. For a starter or self-proclaimed newbie in the corporate world, i don’t know where to start. i don’t know what to do. but i know for sure, where i am currently now is not the place where i belong. if i were to belong in this place, i should be loving it somehow, but not. i like research. Writing, Reading. Places. Travel. Self-discovery and share what i know to the world through my writing. I thought that i can do anything i set my heart to. but when i did that, it cannot settle for it. It loses it’s focus on where i have put it. I think i know what i want to do with the rest of my life. I’m just afraid to start. Afraid because i have the “i don’t know’s”.

There are different kinds of being stuck. and my case is being in a place i don’t see myself working for in 5 years and knowing what i love to do but knowing that i have restrictions and limitations- i cannot attempt to execute. 

Last night, i had dinner with Janny. She’s one of my friends in UST and she was the president of ComAch Central who is my ex’s friend. She’s been very nice to me ever since. I really admire her and knowing that she belongs to Lance, a friend of mine and boyfriend of janny. Both are good people. i admire them because i see an ideal relationship. Topsy-turvy but they have handled their misunderstandings maturely. Going back, she treated me to dinner. because she has been promoted to senior last corporate anniversary. i thought it’ll be a short dinner. but it di’nnnnt! Haha. it lasted for quite a long time. She was been poor for quite a while. She even worked for Bodhi as a waitress. Such admiration for her, that’s why she is one of the girls that had been an eye opener for me to understand hard work. It is not innate. it is not a trait that can be passed down. it is a characteristic molded from childhood to adulthood. She even maintained her scholarship way back when. So last night, i was thinking right away that i should get out of my “being stuck” phase. I hadnt had the chance to write for the past few days. I’ve been up for days. and i couldnt allot the amount of time to do what i love. But then, even for the limited resources, this Buddhist girl taught me hard work is not you are born with, it is a habit and is being molded to be part of your system.

I pray for all those who get to the stuck situation that you may get out of there NOW! and i include myself. Amen.


Long time no blogpost

Hello. It’s been a while since my last post more that a year perhaps. There are a lot of things that happened. It has been a rollercoaster ride and is still on the track. I passed the board exam for CPAs. Then i got a job on a public firm and is still employed. And during those moments of being employed, i lost myself. Couldn’t figure things out correctly and i was wondering if this is the job i really like to pursue. Well yeah.. life is life. It’s most likely normal until the topsy turvy things happen unexpectedly. To this day, i am still wondering. But life has to happen. I shall carry on. I’ll be posting for quite a while. To keep you updated. Rock on! Love this world.

What did I learned?

•Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned

  • Time is of the essence
  • Habit
  • Work and fun can be combined
  • Discipline starts in one step, thing or move
  •  Love like you’ve never been hurt
  • Know thyself- Descartes
  • Mind over body
  • Making good friends with the past
  •  God is my ultimate best bud 🙂
2012 is my ultimate year. 🙂

The Month Full of Holidays

Day 28: The month you were happiest this year (2011)

December of 2011


Vacation break

I couldn’t ask for more. This month was the most productive for me during the year 2011.  I had my complete family with me where my mom was allowed to take her vacation here; she’s working abroad. For the three weeks she stayed with us, every day is a new day. Every day is something worth looking forward too. Though days were really exhausting because of the preparations and attending to guests, I never felt happier than making it something worthwhile doing like bonding with my family. My mom never gets tired. That’s what I admire about her. She cooks a lot. A lot! I tell you. And I gained two kilos. Hopefully, I may lost it soon. Haha. She is the greatest cook I ever know. I prefer eating at home than eating out. It’s that delicious. Even her guests are asking what’s her recipe, she shares it but her real secret is her tongue. She possesses a talent using her taste buds; she knows what ingredient is lacking, what is enough, etc. Three weeks of bonding, exhaustion, eating and merry-making with my family, nothing had gone wrong. 🙂